About Us

  • Howdy, my name is Patrick, I'm one of the community managers.

    At that time I helped to build up R3vive Gaming and have been part of it until that time!

  • Hi, I'm Sandro and have been part of community management for a long time,

    I should be known to some.Basically, I'm up for everyone, so I feel very comfortable here!

  • I'm Patrick is a slightly crazy person, but you can still capture funny moments with me.

  • I'm Felix, did you say something? Please speak a little louder, I'm the deaf among us: D

    Joking aside, I've also been part of the team for a long time and can usually be found in Counter-Strike 1v1?

  • Halli Hello, I'm Budi too, I'm one of the crazy ones, if you meet me you'll find out quickly: D

  • Cedric R. - Biskenzo

    Salut my friends, I'm Cedric and I'm part of the team. My time is very tight, but I'm always there in the background :)